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Special Christmas
Package available between December 23, 2017 - December 28, 2017
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Nothing brings the family together like spending the Holiday Season at Fern Resort

This special Christmas Holiday package offers a reduced rate with great value for the holiday season. Enjoy all that Fern has to offer during this festive season with activity programs for all ages, evening and afternoon family entertainment, and fantastic meals. With everything looked after, everyone in the family will enjoy their Christmas holiday. This date-specific package starts on December 23rd.

Flex Rates packages available for custom arrivals and shorter packages.

Rates shown are per adult per day, based on double occupancy.

Click on the number of days
you wish to stay for prices for children, teens and seniors.
Edgewater Cottages 193.00 189.00
Bayshore Cottage 331-336 200.00 195.00
Bayshore Cottage 337-338 200.00 195.00
Bayshore Cottage 339-340 200.00 195.00
Bayshore Cottage 341-342 200.00 195.00
Sweet Fern Three Room 208.00 202.00
Twin Fern Cotages 208.00 202.00
Jacuzzi 200.00 195.00
Couples and Family Rooms 190.00 187.00
Large Family Rooms 193.00 189.00
Penthouse Family Room 193.00 189.00
Penthouse Suite 200.00 195.00
Fireside Landview 190.00 187.00
Fireside Landview 190.00 187.00
Fireside Suite 200.00 195.00
Fireside Lakeview 193.00 189.00
Hearthside Bayview 193.00 189.00
Hearthside Pool 193.00 189.00
Hearthside Suite 200.00 195.00
Evergreen Villa 208.00 202.00
Unless otherwise noted, prices shown here are per adult per day.

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